Giving back

As an artist, I think it is important to give back to my community. Since I focus on Pet Photography, it was natural for me to reach out to rescue groups and help them in their adoption process, by taking portraits of the adoptable rescues they have. You can read some of these stories in this section.

I dedicate my skills and some of my time to several rescue groups, especially to The Sato Project, a 501(c)(3) founded by Chrissy Beckles, rescuing abandoned and abused dogs in Puerto Rico. You can see the story I have been compiling about Dead Dog Beach, a horrific dumping ground, and a gallery of portraits of their Sato rescues. Once these puerto rican street dogs are rescued, rehabilitated and taken care of, I invite them to my studio to capture their beauty and dignity. The moment they step in my studio is very special. They often suffered abuse or severe neglect, and they are learning to be loved again.

You can also see some photographs I took of James Guiliani of Keno’s Animal Rescue. I hope to follow more of his wonderful work soon.

In 2013, I gave a workshop about Photography that saves lives both in Puerto Rico for animal rescuers and in Boston for volunteers of The Sato Project. I believe that better photos save more lives! I hope to present this workshop in NY and anywhere else. If you are interested, contact me. I also put together a list of photo tips for animal rescuers.

I also have set up photo studio at various charity events, offering portraits to the guests against donations. I was able to raise hundreds of dollars for different groups. (See some examples here).

I am a Service Professional Member of HeARTs Speak (read more about it here).

If you are a rescue group, shelter, or any other organization looking for some help with your photographs, contact me!


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